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The Savage River mine in Tasmania dates back to 1887 when magnetite was discovered. The mine and concrete plant is 100 kilometres south-west from Burnie by road. The pelletising plant and dedicated port facilities at Port Latta are located 70 kilometres north west of Burnie. The operations at Savage River and Port Latta operate continuously 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

The mine is accessed by a sealed road that branches off the main north-south Link Road from Burnie to Rosebery. Savage River Mine is located in North West Tasmania at an elevation of 100-350m. The terrain is rugged, mountainous and covered with dense rainforest.

The mine and concentrating plant are both in the Savage River Valley, with the Savage River flowing through the mine site and ultimately discharging into the Pieman River, which then flows westwards to the coast.

The Scope

Provide a durable concrete surface able to deal with high loads and resistance to corrosion.

The Problem

The workshop surface needs to accommodate a wide range of conditions including chemical attack, flooding, high loads and impact. The reinforcing system must perform in 32Mpa concrete with a slab thickness of 550mm and is located 70 kilometers out of Burnie in rugged mountainous terrain making access difficult.

The climate of the area is characterised by cool temperatures, and high and consistent annual rainfall. The average annual rainfall at Savage River is 1,953.9mm.

Our Solution

TEXO recommended the Forta-Ferro fibre for the application, based on the product’s non-corrosive properties and the proven track record in similar applications in the North American markets. The Forta-Ferro fibre allowed for easier transport and handling in the rugged terrain helping to speed up construction.

The Results

Forta-Ferro helped the client to deliver a high-performance slab within a tight time frame meeting the requirements set out in the design brief. The remote location and tough environment including floods, bush fires, strong winds and snow, along with ongoing mining operations meant safety was a key factor. The easy to handle and transport Forta-Ferro helped to manage on-site safety as well as deliver the workshop slab faster and easier than conventional reinforcing.

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