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ReoCo is a cost effective concrete reinforcing solution for civil engineering projects. Modern tunnel construction requires cutting edge engineering solutions. ReoCo has a range of specialised fibres designed for use in shotcrete and pre-cast segments. Our fibres are designed to increase the reliability and service life of your concrete linings, improve crack control under high pressure and minimise explosive spalling and deterioration. 

Our fibre products help reduce the quantity of conventional reinforcement materials used in precast bridge and large infrastructure elements as set out in AS5100.5, and allow for improved mix design and compaction, providing an enhanced end product.

Tunnelling applications with ReoCo products provide a superior, environmentally sustainable outcome with CO2 emissions being reduced 16-fold compared to steel reinforced tunnel linings. The fibres we recommend for use in roads, bridges and tunnelling infrastructure are designed to help the structures withstand dynamic loads and effects of high volume loading, whilst achieving material cost savings and reducing construction timeframes. 

Our range includes products tested for 100-year design life, contain an anti-oxidizing compounds to prevent rust, are resistant to acids and alkalis, and reduce spalling of concrete in hydrocarbon fire events allowing for safer evacuation. Other products are used to reduce explosive spalling, plastic shrinkage crack, or improve concrete resistance to impact.

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