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Warehouse & Industrial

All warehouse and industrial slabs are different, each requiring their own unique reinforcing solution.

Our team will provide a fibre reinforcing solution to suit your project needs.

A ReoCo reinforcing solution will allow you to design and construct a warehouse or industrial slab without the need for steel mesh, which improves site safety and productivity.

Our fibres will turn your concrete slab into a composite element providing outstanding 3-dimensional crack control, high wear and excellent impact resistance.


Roads, Bridges & Tunnelling

ReoCo fibres provide reinforcing solutions for civil engineering projects. ReoCo fibres will help reduce the amount of conventional reinforcement used in precast bridge elements as set out in AS5100.5 and allows for improved mix design and compaction, providing an enhanced end product.

Tunnelling applications with ReoCo reinforcing solutions will provide a superior, environmentally sustainable outcome with CO2 emissions being reduced 16-fold compared to steel reinforcement of tunnel linings.

ReoCo solutions add value to assets and return on investment for clients by saving time and costs to contractors.



ReoCo is a leading partner to mine operators and shotcrete contractors in Australia and provides safer, faster and easier reinforcing solutions by improving efficiency and reducing costs.

We also understand that the harsh mining environment has its own unique challenges which will impact on performance.

We can work with you on developing and implementing a continuous improvement strategy, designed to optimise performance at your site.



ReoCo reinforcing solutions allow precast manufacturers to produce a finished product much faster and safer.

Our precast partners have given us great feedback stating that they have reduced costs by as much as 40%, helping to improve profitability.

ReoCo reinforcing solutions will help to reduce the weight of many precast elements by up to 25% and greatly reduce shrinkage and cracking. Safety and efficiency are improved as there is no need for the use of conventional reinforcing products. ReoCo synthetic fibres have been tested for 100-year design life.


Footpaths, Pavements & Cycleways

Consider an alternative reinforcing solution to mesh that is safer and reduces the time and labour needed in your next project.

A ReoCo fibre reinforcing solution dramatically reduces project time by as much as 40% by replacing conventional mesh, not to mention making the work site safer.

The 3-dimensional crack control performance of ReoCo reinforcing systems eliminates cracking, improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists as well as greatly reducing maintenance.


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