Safer, faster and easier concrete reinforcing solutions

ReoCo supplies fibre reinforcing solutions to improve the strength and durability of your concrete infrastructure.

ReoCo fibre reinforced concrete can be tailored to meet specific project requirements and reinforce your concrete slabs multi-directionally without the need for steel mesh. These reinforcing solutions create a composite element that is resistant to high impact areas, heavy loads and cracking under tough environmental conditions.

With a wide range of fibres, our products are designed to disperse evenly through concrete mixtures whilst providing a superior tensile strength. The simple method of application significantly reduces construction timeframes compared to conventional construction methods, saving your project time and money.

Our products are ISO certified and comply with industry construction standards, making them the perfect solution for large scale infrastructure and domestic applications.

Your Partner in Concept, Design and Construction

Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, we place an emphasis on our technical expertise to deliver a viable, cost effective solution for your needs. 

The professional team at ReoCo are driven by their knowledge and experience, and are dedicated to delivering innovative and sustainable products that address your technical challenges whilst achieving increased profitability.

See our Design Calculator Tool on this website that helps match your engineering needs with our testing results and the relevant Australian Standards.

Holistic Reinforcing Solutions

We plan ahead to incorporate the most efficient and effective reinforcing solutions during the planning stage to help you avoid unnecessary and costly design changes. We can also provide a design certification for most projects.

Our solutions are tailored specifically to each project to ensure maximum efficiency and long-term asset lifecycles, and our holistic approach means that a ReoCo solution will always be focused on a performance-based outcome for your entire project and not just an outcome linked to a specific type of reinforcing product. We are your trusted partner in construction.

Design and Engineering Support

We understand that change is difficult, which is why most businesses are reluctant to take the first step towards trying something new and innovative in the market.

At ReoCo our Design & Engineering team will support you through your journey by helping to remove the risks that may accompany change.

Our Service to You

With more than 25 years of experience in the Australian and International marketplace, we have a unique approach to solving your challenges and delivering a quality result.

Our local production and development facilities, as well as our national supply chain, means that ReoCo reinforcing solutions will be supplied promptly to meet your specific project needs.


Forta Fi helping build better roads.

“The use of ReoCo fibres in our road projects will provide significant cost savings, which we can use to deliver even more infrastructure – sooner and quicker. It will take the shackles off and help to bring forward projects in our infrastructure program.”

Cr Phil Pigeon

Councillor with Logan City Council.

Awards & Recognition

Local and International performance.

The ReoCo range high-performance fibres meet, and often exceed, local and international standards providing engineers, contractors and asset owners with peace of mind.

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