Welshpool & Kewdale Roads

The Scope

Used year round, by all sizes of vehicles, this intersection located not far from Perth Airport, Welshpool commercial area and Kewdale Freight Terminal is frequently used not just by commercial and industrial, but residential users as well.

The Problem

High traffic roads and junctions used by both heavy commercial and residential vehicles are prone to excessive wear and require regular maintenance. The council wanted a solution that would reduce cracking and rutting thus reducing the cost and time spent on repairing the surface of the intersection, allowing for a road surface that provides a safer drive for all types of vehicles.

The Solution

New to the region, Forta-Fi was used in a resurfacing project for a few main roads in Australia. These roads included the intersection of Welshpool and Kewdale in Canning.


15 years since the roads were laid the road surface remains free from rutting and cracking and is proving to be a fantastic example of how fibers can increase the life cycle of asphalt roads under severe service conditions. There has been only a few small surface cracks, that have not had any effect on the condition of the road. What they normally do is in 6-7 years of laying, they will do some visuals to make sure the road is still together, then the do some cores after about 8-10 years to check the strength of the road.

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