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Aug, 2018



As one of the biggest local council areas in Australia, Logan City Council is responsible for the construction and maintenance of a large number of roads. With a growing population placing pressure on road assets it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that road surfaces are long-lasting and durable.

The Scope

With more than 2,000 kilometres of sealed roads throughout its district, Logan City Council has its work cut out for it in maintaining its diverse network, especially when those roads are susceptible to the extremes.

From the harsh Queensland heat through to intense flooding, Logan’s roads are regularly subjected to both ends of the weather spectrum.

While most asphalt surfaces on the city’s roads are built with a design life of between 10 and 25 years before they need replacing, the impact of these weather events and the rate at which its network is expanding means maintenance and renewal costs are adding up and the magnitude of the task at hand is increasing.

The city currently spends nearly $30 million a year on road rehabilitation across its network, but Logan City Council is exploring unique ways to reduce that cost and extend pavement life. One such avenue being pursued is the trial of fibre-reinforced asphalt on its roads.

The Problem

To help reduce the overall funds spent on asphalt road maintenance and increase road safety by alleviating cracking and rutting.

Our Solution

Using Forta-Fi as the solution for bitumen roads increases the design life by 25% and enables saving in material costs. Incorporating this fibre into bitumen road surfaces will prevent cracking and rutting, greatly improving safety and driving conditions.

The Results

Councillor Phil Pidgeon stated, “We had quite a number of other councils observing the laying of this technology, so it seems everyone is looking at this very closely with increasing interest because this could mean a big revolution for the industry.”

“Logan always seems to lead the way in the technology space and it’s great to see we’re pioneering the way with something so innovative.”

“One of the important things we do at the council is to encourage our staff and engineers to innovate. This new kind of asphalt came to our attention through our employees and is now being taken to the next stage,” City of Logan Councillor Phil Pidgeon explains.

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