Concrete Roundabouts

ReoPave 25


ReoPave 25







The ever-increasing urban spread across much of Australia has seen the need for improved road infrastructure. Many of the new and upgraded road projects incorporate concrete roundabouts in order to assist in traffic management making our roads safer.

The Scope

Provide a reinforcing solution that meets Australian standards, capable of performing in a wide variety of conditions.

The Problem

The construction of roundabouts is often in locations that are difficult working environments. This makes handling of mesh reinforcing challenging and unsafe, especially on projects where live traffic is present.

Our Solution

ReoPave 25 is the most commonly used fibre reinforcing system in the market with a long history of projects across the country, complying with the required Australian Standards.

The Results

The use of ReoPave 25 helps deliver a durable, high performing concrete surface capable of handling a wide range of environmental and traffic conditions. Since there is no requirement for the use of conventional mesh, there is no need for the handling or cutting of steel. Therefore, ReoPave 25 helps deliver a safer, faster and easier project.

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