Bunbury Cycleway

Forta Ferro









Shared pathways include both cycleways and footpaths to provide safe areas for pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy their individual activities. These pavements are making up an ever-increasing part of our cities’ infrastructure as the general population seeks alternate methods of transport and leisure.

The Scope

To deliver a reinforcing system that provides pavement contractors a quicker and easier method of constructing shared pathways.

The Problem

The well entrenched use of conventional steel reinforcement in pavement applications means that fibre reinforcement is often over looked as a reinforcing method in spite of its obvious benefits to contractors, engineers and asset owners.

Our Solution

The Forta Ferro was selected by engineers for their specific reinforcing needs. The Forta Ferro fibre was part of a complete solution. The solution consisted of custom length expansion joints and fibre reinforced concrete mix, which created a construction system that significantly reduced construction time.

An additional benefit includes eliminating the need to buy, cut, lay and position welded mesh, removing a considerable safety hazard for both the public and contractor.

The Results

The Bunbury area has a cycleway that hugs the beautiful foreshore that is utilised by residents and visitors alike. The 3-dimensional characteristics of Forta Ferro fibre provide a surface that has reduced cracking and increased durability, significantly improving safety for cyclists and pedestrians.

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