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AusPits is a leader in the design and manufacture of concrete pits for civil projects in the Australian market. With infrastructure construction on the increase in recent years, it was clear that AusPits developed a method of reinforcing that helped speed up production whilst not affecting safety or performance.

The Scope

AusPits are an Australian, family owned and operated company with over 30 years experience in the precast manufacturing industry.

The organisation designs, engineers and manufactures a range of custom made products specific to project requirements. Including but not limited to:

  • Stormwater Pits
  • Electrical and Communication Pits
  • Trade Waste Pits
  • Covers including Galvanized Grates & Frames and Cast Iron
  • Wingwalls and Endwalls
  • Associated Products

All products manufactured by AusPits comply with Australian Standards, Vic Roads and RMS (R.T.A) requirements and the specifications of the local authorities under an ISO 9001 quality management system.

The Problem

The brief to the ReoCo team was to remove time consuming conventional steel as the reinforcement, replacing it with a high performance structural synthetic fibre to give the units a 100 year design life.

Our Solution

The Forta Ferro product was selected to meet the tough conditions set out in the brief. The ReoCo engineering team worked closely with AusPits to develop a mix design incorporating the Forta Ferro fibre allowing for the removal of steel reinforcement.

The Results

The Fiba-Struct range of pits are made with Forta Ferro fibre allowing for the pits to be produced faster and safer as there is no handling and cutting of mesh.

The Forta Ferro fibre has allowed AusPits to produce a lighter pit without compromising performance.

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